#MAGNUMWeekend returns to the tournament weekend UNMATCHED.

Our indistinguishable experiences are made specifically for the upper echelon clientele who demands quality. This year, be sure to experience the exclusive lifestyle branded as only Nxlevel Queen City can provide.

#MAGNUMWeekend 2018 epitomizes a series of memorable & high quality experiences. Our carefully crafted lineup will attract over 7,000 well-educated, fashion-forward and media savvy young professionals from across the east coast. The Nxlevel culture attracts the most alluring clientele who:

♤ Expect to Secure Tickets in Advance and doesn’t like waiting in line or risk a highly demanded event being sold out

♤ Wear the Most Fashionable Ensemble (Our ladies love turning heads)

♤ Party hard and non-stop with their crew – Young professionals on their worse behavior




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